Center Field

Center Field has been a very hot topic for Yankee fans this off-season. After Melky's underwhelming season and Brett Gardner's marginal hitting, the Yankees have been exploring their options. Many things have been discussed, whether it be a deal for Mike Cameron, the Melky-Gardner platoon, or other trades that could potentially happen. One player that was talked about at the beginning of the offseason was David Dejesus of the Royals. Quite frankly, I think that a Dejesus deal should be explored once again. Dejesus hit .307/.366/.452 last season, which was definitely one of his better seasons. For his career, his line is .287/.360/.422 with an OPS+ of 105. That is not too shabby at all. He is a very good defender and has base-stealing potential. As much as I love Melky, his stats just don't compare. Melky's career line is .268/.329/.374 with an 84 OPS+. Dejesus is also very cheap contract wise. He was signed to a 5 year 13.8 million dollar contract, and is only owed 3.6 Mil in 09. Although he is cheap in dollars, we might need to give up a few quality prospects to get him from the Royals. What do you think we would need to give up in order to get Dejesus? Would this be a good acquisition for the Yankees? Lets hear it in the comments.

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