Pitching Pitching Pitching

Ok. We all know from Baseball Tonight that everybody's favorite game is "Name That Molina", but for the Yankees intents and purposes right now, Lets play "NAME THAT FIFTH STARTER"!

Here's the fifth starter updates for today.

Freddy Garcia has signed with the Mets to a minor league deal. Any speculation regarding him is gonzo.

According to Jon Heyman, "Sheets' new medical report sparks interest". Although not mentioned specifically in the article, I sure hope the Yankees are using this new report wisely...

According to Pete Caldera, the Yankees and Andy Pettitte still talking. I think Ben from RAB said it best when he said "He should take the money and come back to the Bronx". He isn't getting any younger and certainly isn't getting any other offers.

Also, I found a video of Joba singing "Staying Alive" in the bullpen. Its pretty funny stuff. Take a look

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