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Just a few things from the past couple of days (sorry I haven't been posting. New Years and then somehow I got to play gold both of the past two days...Yeah, I love Colorado weather)...

The Dodgers' Andruw Jones had his contract restructured. This is a precursor to him being traded or released by Spring Training. I know a bunch of you are going to say we should take a flier on him. I'm not necessarily opposed to that, but when you look at Jones' stats he just isn't someone I really want on my team. He's only hit over .280 once in his career (in 2000). And his OBP has never hit .370. The guy has (or had) power there's no debate about that. he played good defense too. However, he's an older(32 in April) not particularly more effective option in center than the Melkman and Gardner. Sure, if the Dodgers release him and we can get him on a minor league contract for 1 year and $500,000 then there's no reason not to, but I don't think there is a big chance that that opportunity will present itself.

Rumor from Roch Kubatko that the O's and White Sox are exploring a Brian Roberts-Gavin Floyd swap. That would be a great deal for the O's. It could help the ChiSox, but trading young pitching for a second baseman in his walk year is questionable.

Jeff Moorad, CEO of the D-Backs, resigned. He might try to buy the Padres. That could end their firesale, depending on how soon a sale happens to Moorad or anyone else. I think it would be smart of Moorad to wait out the firesale. He'd enter an organization stacked with young talent. the team could only get better, and he could have Kevin Towers spend the extra cash in the next two offseasons so he'd seem like a guy that comes in and turns the team around. Also, a team that has sold off all of it's veterans is worth less than a team that hasn't, so he'd get the team at a lower price. Just my thoughts.

Seems like the Cubs will have Milton Bradley in right field for them next year. Yes, the team that has stressed that defense is a major concern for them want to sign a guy who DH'd all year to be their right fielder. They want a guy who has only played in more than 140 games once in his entire career to man right field in front of the brick wall at Wrigley for the next 3 years. The Nats have interest, but can we please not hurt that franchise like this.

Former Yank Scott Proctor is going to sign with the Marlins. Scott was a solid Yankee and I hope he does well down in Miami.

The Yanks are having a clinic in Taiwan. Great idea by the Yanks. I talked about the importance of having strong holds in Taiwan the other day.

PeteAbe listed the things that bug him. I agree with him that Joba should, and will, be a starter next year and that there should be no debate on that. I agree that the Yanks shouldn't even look into signing Manny Ramirez. I agree that giving up on guys like Cano, Hughes, and Kennedy this early is a bad idea and just shows impatience. I agree that the Yanks shouldn't trade Godzilla now(I want to trade Nady). But I can't agree with him saying that people shouldn't overthink things. Look Pete, overthinking is how baseball is won. The Rays won the AL pennant a non-conventional closer-less bullpen. The A's won by using Billy Beane's Moneyball methods. Baseball is completely about overthinking. The best way to get an edge is by doing something that other people wouldn't consider. The Yankees are a baseball team and that means every player should do what the organization wants them to do. You can try to categorize ballplayers all you want by position, or lineup spot, but in the end they are paid to be Yankees, and that means doing what is best for the team. You take the players you are given and try to put the most effective team out on the field, whether it is what other people would think is the most effective or not.

And the new MLB Network is officially the greatest channel ever. I watched parts of Don Larsen's perfect game and it was so cool to see the legendary players of the Yanks and Dodgers actually playing ball. The Hot Stove show is great. Barry Larkin is one of my favorite ballplayers/baseball people and he's fun to listen to, as is Al Leiter. Harold Reynolds has always been a great broadcaster and it's great to see him on TV again. Jon Heyman's one of the Insiders. He's got a lot of sources, but it seems to me that despite all his connections, he just isn't that smart. That sounds harsh I know, but if you read RAB's post on him you understand what I'm saying. I like that he thinks outside the box, but sometimes that outside the box thinking is a tad ridiculous. He's still better than some writers though...like oh, say Dayn "Worst Sportswriter Ever" Perry.

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