Nady and Swisher Talk

Henry Schulman says the Yanks prefer to move Nady. And doesn't support an acquistion by the Giants of Xman. Dejan Kovacevik says the Pirates have talked to the Yanks about Nady and Swisher, but a swap doesn't seem likely. I still like the Braves and Reds as the most likely fits for a trade. But, I don't support the idea by Joe at RAB that Aaron Harang would be a good return for Nady. He's the kind of guy we most certainly shouldn't look for in return. An expensive ($11mm in 09, $12.5mm in '10, $12.75mm in '11 with a $2mm buyout), 30 year old (turns 31 in May) pitcher with an ERA of 4.78 in 08 isn't what I would want back for Nady. The Yanks are looking to trade Xman to either fill team holes, get younger, or shed payroll, or all three. Harang is signed for too long, and would hog a rotation spot from Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy, Dellin Betances, Phil Coke, etc. in the upcoming years. I'm not against getting someone to fill the 5th starter spot in 09, but acquiring someone who is signed for at least 1, if not 2 years beyond that, at a high salary is not ideal. I don't think Harang is a bad pitcher by any means, and he could bounce back and be a reliable ace in Cincy again, but he is not someone we need. If we are going to trade Nady for pitching it should be cheap, controllable, young pitching, or a very short term, consistent, veteran to be insurance in case of injury or to fill the 5th rotation spot. Personally, I want to get some positional prospects, but that's just me. Let's here your thoughts in the comments.

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