Kepner Article

Tyler Kepner, who recently did an interview with us, wrote an interesting article regarding the Swisher-Nady trade situation.  I personally think that if we deal a player, Nady should be the one to go. Nady could get more value in a trade and also, the Yankees lost 2 big OBP guys (Giambi and Abreu) and Swisher is an OBP fiend. According to the Kepner article, "Swisher’s on-base percentage, .332, was actually better than Nady’s .320 figure over two months with the Yankees. In that way, Swisher profiles better as the kind of player the Yankees seek for their lineup. He saw an average of 4.53 pitches per plate appearance last season, leading the major leagues in that category. Nady averaged 3.65 pitches per plate appearance." It's a pretty good read.

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