Jon Heyman

Heyman says that the Yankees are still in contact with both Sheets and Pettitte. Sheets is obviously the better pitcher, but his injury history has kept many teams from making a strong offer to him. Pettitte isn't as good of a pitcher anymore, but he is a workhorse and has playoff experience with the Yanks. The Yanks seem to have more interest in Andy, most likely because they are more concerned with having someone that will definitely give 200 average or above average innings than someone who could give 200 great innings, or only 50. Since CC Sabathia has pitched so much in the past two years, AJ Burnett is always an injury risk, Wang is coming off a foot injury and shortened season, Joba has an innings limit, and we don't know exactly what to expect from Hughes, Coke, and Aceves the Yanks want someone that they can rely on for innings. Andy Pettitte is a class act and a guy that you can always count on to give his best, but a healthy Ben Sheets would give the Yankees 5 pitchers who would be aces on any other staff.

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