Thinking outside of the box

Not saying any this is possible, not saying it has been rumored, just some wild ideas I had.

Austin Jackson, Ian Kennedy, Jesus Montero for Hanley Ramirez. I know, we have shortstop, and AJax is one of our best prospects, Kennedy's value is low, and Jesus Montero can hit. But here's what I think...Hanley would play centerfield(as he would have if he went to Boston). Hanley's only a little over 3 years older than Ajax, and he can hit for power, which Jackson can't. Kennedy is going to be a good pitcher, but the Yanks have CC for 7 years and Burnett for 5. Joba and Wang are still under team control for multiple years, and so are Hughes, Betances, Brackman, and Aceves. Also, Japanese phenom Yu Darvish is likely to be posted after the season and as he will only be 23 when the season is over, expect the Yanks to place a huge posting bid for him. So, with all of those other options, Kennedy isn't as essential to the team as one would think. Then Montero. Montero is probably the Yanks best prospect, but many people think he can't stick behind the plate. He's blocked by Tex at first and Posada is under contract for 3 more years to play catcher. And when Posada's contract is up the Yanks could either put Austin Romine or Francisco Cervelli behind the plate, or try to acquire someone like Joe Mauer, Russell Martin, or Brian McCann. Hanley is signed cheap through 2014 . He has power (33 home runs in 08) and speed (35 SB in 08) which would be great for the lineup. The Marlins would probably love to have a prospect like Montero who could end up being a big slugger for years to come, and they would love Jackson's athleticism as well. Kennedy will be a good #2 or #3 starter which is valuable too. The Yanks meanwhile would have a lineup of

LF Damon
SS Jeter
CF Ramirez
3B Rodriguez
1B Teixeira
DH Matsui
C Posada
2B Cano
RF Swisher/Nady

That's pretty good. And having your number 3 hitter be a huge stolen base threat is always a good luxury. Thoughts on the deal for both sides... let's hear 'em in the comments.


Anonymous said...

I don't think that the Marlins would make the trade mainly because I think the Red Sox could have offered a better package.

J-Gao said...

I'm not sure the Marlins would take that deal. He's their franchise player. And to show just how much he means to them, look at the fact that he is signed to a long term 8-figure deal. That's saying a lot for the cheap Marlins.

Craig said...

That's a very interesting view. Generally I am more for holding onto and developing prospects but to get a player the caliber of Hanley Ramirez is something that you can't pass up if a reasonable opportunity were presented. The thing about Jackson is I think he is a lot further away than a lot of people are saying; I want us to give IPK more time to develop, but we do have a decent number of arms in the system that can fill in eventually; Montero, along with Betances, is one of my favorite prospects right now but he is likely 2-3 years off and a lot can happen in that time. One thing that was not mentioned was that Ramirez can take over SS when the time comes. Our farm system is not as deep and talent rich as it will be in 2-3 years but these are the types of trades I can accept making. The Marlins are constantly trying to shed payroll and starting in 2011 HanRam will be owed $11M, 15M, 15.5M and 16M through 2014 so it is not crazy to think that they will be open to moving him. You have to think that for a player of his caliber, there will be other packages (certainly the red sox would be involved) just as good if not better. How far would we be willing to go to acquire him?

Anonymous said...

this is what i think,,, cano kennedy ajax and montero for ramirez. then u move jeter to second and hanley is our ss for the next 15 years..