Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter. Captain of the New York Yankees. He has been the symbol of this great franchise since he first became the starting short-stop (1996). He isn't a power hitter, he is no longer a great defender, but people still adore Derek Jeter. He doesn't need to be the best player on the team to get the most love and admiration. The reason why he is so beloved by the entire baseball community is because of the influence he has on the people that watch him play.

Tonight at the dinner table, my little brother was talking about Jeter, and how great a role model he is. He said that he loves and looks up to Jeter because he is always the first guy to jump out of the dugout after a homerun, he gives 100% every game, and because he loves the jump-play (who doesn't?). He says that if he played baseball he would play every game like Jeter. Hearing this from him made me think. There must be hundreds of thousands of kids, just like my brother, having the same conversation at their table. He has such a great influence on so many people. Its because of the little things he does. The never-ending love for the game itself, the hustle, the selflessness on the field, the clutch factor, its all there. He doesn't do stupid things off the field like other big-time stars. He is out on the field enjoying every single second (so it appears) and that is exactly what baseball players these days should be doing. More importantly than the major-leaguers now following his great example, every young baseball player in the nation should look at the way Jeter plays. He is the perfect role model for every young kid, because he plays the game the way it should be played. I have always been a big fan of Jeter, but seeing his extremely positive effect on my little brother (and kids everywhere) makes me love and respect the guy that much more.

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I second tht!!
Jeter is an amazing role model,and i'm proud my kids follow him.