Alex Rodriguez

The good news is he tested positive back in 03 before he was a Yankee. The bad news, it still sucks. Just days after the whole "A-Fraud" controversy from Joe Torre's book, this news breaks. After so many Yankees' have come out and supported A-Rod publicly, talked about the support they have for him, and said how much he means to the team, this has to come out. Sure, this happened a long time ago, but hearing about it now still hurts. It seems like he tested positive for Testoserone and Primobolan. At least when A-Rod was asked about it, he didn't say anything stupid, simply telling them to talk to the players' union. We have to pray, and hope, and believe that as a Yankee A-Rod hasn't used PEDs. The news is obviously bad, especially since A-Rod is always subject to so much criticism, but Jason Giambi was able to overcome his problems, Andy Pettitte overcame his story with PEDs, hopefully A-Rod can do so as well.

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