Left handed pitcher Chase Wright was traded to the Brewers the other day for outfielder Eric Fryer. We all remember when Wright started against the Red Sox, and let off 25 million home runs in a row. With our plethora of pitching prospects, and strong major league pitchers, I like this deal. Wright is almost 26 and probably would never end up being a part of our rotation. Fryer is 23, and can play catcher in addition to the outfield. He hit .335 in 104 games playing at Class A. We need some positional prospects, and as Wright would most likely never again reach the Bronx, this deal makes a lot of sense.

All off-season I've emphasized the importance of non-big name players, and guys for the bench. RAB's Joe P writes about Mark Grudzielanek. I say he's a decent option, depending on what he costs. Since David Eckstein and Aaron Miles have both been signed, it seems like Grudzielanek is one of the most reliable possibilities still out there. The Yanks might explore Nomar Garciaparra, so they could have all three of the best shortstops from the late 90's, but I think Grudz is a more reliable choice. Personally, I'm still a Miguel Cairo fan, even if he was never that good. And there are surely other options available via trade. I just would rather have some certainity than relying on Angel Berroa and Cody Ransom to be able to fill the shoes of any player that gets injured.

The Yanks offered Andruw Jones a non-roster spot, which he declined. Good attempt at a low risk, high reward move, even if it didn't work.

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