Hudson - Royals Problem

A few days ago I wrote about the Royals, and said that they should sign Orlando Hudson. Ken Rosenthal writes today about Hudson being out of their price range. He mentions the possibility of trading Mark Teahen, as I did in my piece, in order to clear salary space for Hudson. I think Teahen should be traded just becuase he isn't an integral part of the club, but obviously p[ayroll relief helps too. In my opinion, the Royals can only complain so much about their "small market team." It takes money to spend money. The Royals will still make a profit, even if they increase thier payroll. And, think about it, if you put a winning team on the field, then more people will watch, and you'll make more money. I'm not saying an Orlando Hudson will have the same marketing increase as a Manny Ramirez, but he would be a fine addition to their team and they have to start playing the game for the season ahead and trying to win, which they can do if they just make these small moves. Kansas City owes it to its fans to do everything they can to win.

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