Dayn Perry is the Worst Sportswriter Ever

Dayn Perry has his take on the worst off seasons in baseball. Here's a direct quote

"The Rockies are on this list for one reason: failure to get adequate return for Matt Holliday. Colorado traded a 29-year-old career .319 AVG/.386 OBP/.552 SLG hitter who's signed for 2009 at $13.5 million. What did they get in return? Carlos Gonzalez (pictured), a toolsy outfielder with questionable makeup who's shown no ability to adapt to advanced pitching. They also got a starting pitcher (Jason Marquis) with control issues and a below-league-average ERA, and a closer (Huston Street) with health concerns and platoon weaknesses. The Rockies didn't help themselves, now or in future seasons."

Dayn. Jason Marquis was on the Chicago Cubs, not the Oakland Athletics. He was traded for, and is a Rockie, but not in the Holliday deal you idiot. Marquis came in a deal for Luis Vizcaino. The starting pitcher the Rockies got from the A's was Greg Smith. So, FoxSports, why do you employ this guy?

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