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Sorry I haven't been posting too much recently. I am on vacation (Woo!) and as you all know, there has been very little going on in Yankeeland, except for the start of Spring Training. Most of the players have already arrived. The next big story is the arrival of Arod. They are having a big press conference tomorrow at 1:30. Anyway, if you need any information at all on ST, go to Peter Abraham's blog over at Lohud. He has already done some incredible work filling his readers in on everything Spring Training.
Lets get on with the Notes for the Day

Jerry Crasnick at ESPN talked about the best position battles of Spring Training. The Yankees Outfield pulled in at #4.

According to ESPN, A-Rod officially apologized to Selena Roberts about his comments during "the interview". He claimed she broke into his house. I'm sure that was a major topic of their phone conversation...

Ken Rosenthal thinks the Yankees still have major issues. He talked about Rivera, Posada, Pettitte, Chamberlain (and the way blown over starter reliever argument... HE IS A STARTER), Sabathia, Burnett, Girardi, and Center Field as a whole. In reading the article, I would agree that the Yankees have question marks with Posada, Burnett, possibly Pettitte, and Centerfield, but the rest I don't entirely understand. I would include Chamberlain if he was talking about the shoulder at all. 

I still think that the Yankees should look at Juan Cruz. His 70 Ks in 51.7 innings and 2.61 ERA last season seem very appealing to what could be a rocky bullpen. Plus, we have the money and he would only cost us a 4th Rounder.

The Yankees signed Brett Tomko to a minor league deal. Solid low risk signing I suppose.

Tyler Kepner says that IPK and Phil Hughes will probably start at AAA.

Well thats about it. Just to let you know, we recently conducted an interview with Bryan Hoch of yankees.com, so look for that interview to be up in the next couple days.

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