Fantasy Baseball League

Conor and I are starting a 10 team, mixed league, competitive fantasy baseball league for the season. If anyone is interested in participating let us know by email and we'll send you the league info. Couple of things...

Only join if you are going to be attentive to your team and do all you can to win.

It's a 5x5 league, that will be played Head to Head style for each week, but we switched up the stats a little for fun. So the stats we'll record are HR, SLG, OBP, SB, XBH and ERA, WHIP, IP, K SVHD. So we basically got rid of the typical RBI's, Run's and AVG and replace them with slugging percentage, extra base hits, and on base percentage, as those are all better indicators of a player's ability. And we also dropped Saves and Wins, replacing them with Innings pitched and Saves plus Holds. This allows players to have a bullpen, rather than just closers, and innings pitched measures a pitcher's ability much better than wins, which are largely a result of runs from a pitcher's teammates, rather than his true ability.

We'll have an online live auction style draft at some point before the season. You might have to clear a few hours of free time (most likely on a weekend) so that we can have the draft.

We sent out emails to some other Yankee bloggers, with a few responding and others not yet, so you might like to know that you will be playing alongside a team run by me (Kevin) a team run by Conor, a team run by the guys at Jersey Hardball, and a team run by Dan at Pinstripes PA. Anyone that wants to participate is invited to participate, but if you have a baseball blog we'll give you priority over others. Make sure to send Conor or I an email if you are indeed interested.

Right now we aren't thinking about a prize for winning the league, but we'll consider it depending on who is in the league when it officially starts up.

Just remember, in the spirit of being Yankee Fans....

"If you ain't first, you're last."


Jason @ IIATMS said...


Thanks for the invite. I'm honored you chose to include me, but I'm not a fan of h2h formats and your categories, while awesome, require more than I can process right now.

Best of luck,
Jason @ IIATMS

Boxbaseball said...


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