Brian Giles' top destinations via trade: Boston, Los Angeles (Angels), New York (Yankees)

Found this link on MLBTR.

It regards Brian Giles.

Brian Giles is a man who is accused of beating his former girlfriend. This girlfriend was pregnant with Giles' child, and she claims his beating of her caused a miscarriage. Giles is in a public dispute with her, that could cost him $10mm. By the way...he's counter suing, saying his girlfriend abused him. He is a professional athlete, and he says he was beat by his girlfriend....

The 38 year old outfielder will make $9mm in 09. He hit 12 home runs in 08, his lowest total since 1996. He stole 2 bases in 4 attempts. However, he did have a .306/.398/.456 line in 08. He also hasn't played in the American League since 1998.

But, Giles said that if he were to be traded, he would want to be sent to the Red Sox, Yanks, or Angels. Well, if one of them has a starting job for him. The Yanks most likely can't fit him in anyways (Damon, Cabrera, Gardner, Nady, Swisher), but a 38 year old outfielder with a $9mm salary, no power, and no speed who beat his girlfriend is not someone I want to trade for even if we do have a spot for him. So if you are going to try and argue in favor of trading for Giles at any point, I will have to say you are crazy. There are so many other better in-house candidates, and if worse comes to worse, there are still lots of better trade candidates.

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