A Class Act in Boston

David Ortiz had some statements about steroids in his interview with Nick Cafardo. He calls for a player to, from now on, be throw out of the game permanently if they test positive. I have to say I agree with that. He said this about A-Rod

"I think that the A-Rod situation, it was a little bit tough for the game," Ortiz said. "Talking about the best player all the way around. At the same time, people have to give the guy credit because he came out with what he said at the point of his career where he had done it all. On top of that, that was what? Six years ago? The guy has put up numbers his whole career. It was one thing that he said that caught my attention was that he was young and at the time. . . . sometimes you make the wrong decision like he did. He's been playing clean and he's still producing. He's still been the best player in the game. If I'm a fan and I had to judge the guy, I would put that in the past and move forward. The guy, he works hard, man. He's still doing his thing. He's still got nine more years on his contract where he's definitely gonna do some damage still."

These things we heard from Alex, that was the last thing you want to hear about the baseball game. The guy came out -- and he didn't wait until they took him to the Congress and all that. He was honest."

I got to say, David Ortiz is a class act. He talks about how A-Rod is a great player with a great work ethic. He says that obviously A-Rod made a mistake, but has produced way above average while clean still. He also then gives A-Rod credit for coming clean. Ortiz is a Red Sock and all, but it isn't hard to see why people like him. He takes a strong stand against steroids, which is great, but doesn't trash on players who have made the mistake of using them.

This video has this among other topics in Cafardo's interview with the Boston designated hitter.
These things we heard from Alex, that was the last thing you want to hear about the baseball game. The guy came out -- and he didn't wait until they took him to the Congress and all that. He was honest."

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