Bud Selig

Mark Kriegel has a video up discussing Bud Selig's salary, which is north of $18mm. He focuses on the negative fact that Bud's improvements to the game have come in the steroid era.

Here's are the 5 most significant things that Bud has done.

Added Interleague Play
Developed the new playoff system with Wild Card teams.
Started the WBC.
Decided that the All-Star game would decide home field advantage in the World Series.
Let the Steroid Era get way out of hand.

I like the first three on the list, but not the last two.

Let's see your thoughts in the comments.

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Shayna said...

I don't like the last two either. The All-Star game should be purely for fun, although it does make games like last year's fun to watch. And the last one speaks for itself.