Starter: I think it's pretty clear who the starting SS will be in 2009. Captain Clutch will be entering his 13th year as starting shortstop for the New York Yankees. Over his 14 seasons with the Yankees, he has hit .316/.387/.458. Jeter's performance in the playoffs has been absolutely stellar as well. In 25 playoff series, Jeter has hit .309/.377/.469. People have good reason to call him captain clutch. Jeter is very consistent at the plate, so you know what you are going to get from him every year. He is getting older, so his HR might decline, but expect his AVG to hover right around .300 as it always does. Despite winning 3 Gold Gloves, Jeter is said to be the worst defensive shortstop in the MLB. To be honest though, this doesn't bother me. Jeter does so much for the team on and off the field that (I think) outweighs his poor defense.  Jeter is a role model for so many people because of his good sportsmanship, strong desire to win, and selflessness. He has emerged as the good guy from the "steriod era" because he consistently put up great numbers and has never/will never be accused of steriods. He is the poster child of Yankee Baseball, and I hope that he can continue his great play. I really can't say enough about Derek Jeter

Backups- Angel Berroa is the backup. Since his ROY season, he has fallen off the perch. His career stats are .260/.305/.378, which is pretty bad. He will be a fine backup for the occasional Jeter day off, but I don't think he will suffice if Jeter goes down for an extended period of time. 

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