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I had an extremely busy day today, so I'll have the 3rd Base "profile" up tomorrow. 
In other news...

Jorge Posada played his first game at catcher today. He caught 4 innings, 3 for Andy Pettitte and 1 for Phil Coke. According to PeteAbe, Posada said his shoulder felt strong after the outing. In addition to catching 4 innings, Posada did his share at the plate, going 2-2. This is very good news for Yankee fans. Having Posada back for a full season will do wonders for the team. Let's just hope he stays healthy...

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe says that the Yankees are "keeping an eye" on Bobby Crosby of the A's.

Joe Girardi says that A-Rod is already off his crutches. I find that so remarkable. Say what you want about the guy, but he really does work hard, and boy does it pay off.

So Kevin and I have decided on the topic for our contest. To be considered to win the free AE DVD set, please email me your most interesting/bizarre/hilarious experience at Yankee Stadium. Kevin and I will read through the submissions and pick a winner when he gets back from Guatemala. My email is cbrdbr@gmail.com. Make sure to send in an experience! Here is the DVD information http://shop.aetv.com/detail.php?p=71428&SESSID=171b579e0c4c32bf45ca3aa6808de5f6&v=All.

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Bronx Baseball Daily said...

I wonder if Crosby is the type of guy who could step up his game on a stage like New York.