I was just watching the ST game against the Red Sox and A-Jax just hit a bomb for a grand slam. I'm very excited to see this kid develop.


Adam said...

I have an idea and I was wondering what you thought. I have been reading that the front office is not big on signing Wang long term. So what if you packaged him with Milky, Berroa and another young talent. That’s four young studs for Peavey. Without hurting the Yankees in the future and giving us another great clubhouse guy. What do you think? Plus I know if we don't do it he will end up with that soxs and that would suck.

Anonymous said...

I really am not a fan of that idea. Sorry. First, the pads wouldn't accept it. Well, I mean the last young talent would have an impact, but if it wasn't Ajax or montero there'd be near zero chance of a trade. On another front, the reason we don't want to sign wang long term is that we have too many young pitchers who will take over when wang leaves. We have 5 years of aj, and 7(3 if opted out) of cc, joba's under control for a long time, Hughes will be good, Kennedy can be good, then there's andrew brackman, dellin betances, zach mcallister, among others, so we don't need peavy, we have cheaper long term solutions.

Conor Cashel said...

i agree with kevin. melky and berroa would not be enough to get somebody like peavy