Joba the Genius

Great Picture at PeteAbe's blog. Here it is above. Wang is throwing souvenirs into the crowd, but look at Joba on the left. You have to love the glasses and the sweater. Classy JChamb, classy.

Some other things of note.

Derek Jeter is the Captain of team USA. In the words of Ricky Bobby, "Hey, it's me, America!" The USA team played the Yanks today. Winning 6-5. Roy Oswalt picked up the win, Phil Hughes got the loss, despite pitching well.

PeteAbe talks about Hughes' newer, tighter curveball. I hope we can get Hughes to the Bronx somehow this year. He'll almost definitely be the first call-up when someone gets injured, and even with a healthy rotation he could come up and displace Andy Pettitte by the end of the season.

A-Rod is coming out to my home state of Colorado tomorrow to have his hip examined in Vail.This could hold A-Rod out of the WBC. If anyone knows A-Rod, tell him he should find me when he leaves Vail and I'll take him out to a nice fancy meal. I'm still debating whether to get him a Juicy burger at Wendy's, or some Jamba Juice. Okay, bad joke, I know, but I couldn't help myself. In all honesty though, he should go to Elway's in Denver. Every superstar should be like John Elway, who's the subject of this touching story by Rick Reilly.

In other news, Brett Gardner is my boy. He's just the man. Through 10 spring at bats BGard has a batting average of .500, and OBP of .545, and is slugging 1.300. He's hit two solo homeruns (one on the first Yankee at bat of the year), hit two doubles, and stolen 2 bases. He's got 13 total bases already and I honestly can't help but cheer for this guy.


Bronx Baseball Daily said...

You shouldn't get too excited about spring training stats. If they meant anything Jeff Weaver would have won a cy young or two.

Also, I like Joba's Sean Avery look. Just in time for his return to the Rangers. I didn't realize he was a hockey fan.

Kevin S. said...

I'm not too excited about BGard's stats. I just like his hustle, and I'm trying to take joy in the little victories.