WOW, this is so late. I'm very sorry. I was actually in NYC over the weekend andcomputerless, so posting has been a bit of an issue.
Without further ado, the final installment of the position profile series...

Starters- The starting job for RF comes down to Nick Swisher and Xavier Nady. Personally, I think that the job will be Swisher's, but since I already analyzed him, I'll use this room to talk about Nady. Nady is a pretty solid hitter, with a career line of .280/.335/.458. Last season (Pirates and Yankees), was Nady's best season. He hit .305/.358/.510 for the cumulative season last year, which is pretty impressive. His fielding isn't fantastic, but he is definitely competent in the corner OF slots. Will he repeat his great hitting season that he had last year? Probably not, but he will be a fine RF for the Yankees or a very good 4th OF. 

Backup- The backup RF will be the loser of the RF position battle between Swisher and Nady.

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