World Baseball Classic Update

Just a quick run-down of what's happened so far...

China lost to Japan 4-0.

Taiwan lost to Korea, 9-0.

Then, China beat Taiwan 4-1, eliminating Taiwan.

Japan beat Korea 14-2, and they only played 7 innings.

The Netherlands pulled an upset over the Dominican team, 3-2. Basically a team who's best player is Sidney Ponson, beat a team that has Edinson Volquez, Pedro Martinez, Carlos Marmol, Robinson Cano, Hanley Ramirez, David Ortiz, and Jose Reyes. Anything can happen in baseball.

As I am writing, the Americans are losing 2-1 to Canada in the fourth.

I say that Korea and Japan will come out of Pool A, Cuba and Mexico from Pool B, The US and Venezuela from Pool C, and the Netherlands and Puerto Rico from Pool D. Then Cuba and Japan from Pool 1, and the US and Venezuela from Pool 2. Then a Japan vs. the US final, with the US winning.

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