Manny's in LA

This is a little late as reports have been being confirmed and denied for a day or two. Now, it seems like Manny has signed a 2 year $45mm with the Dodgers. I'm just glad he's not in the Bronx(I'm scared of his attitude) and not anywhere else in the AL (I'm scared of his bat).


Bronx Baseball Daily said...

He can opt out after 1 year too which leaves a trip to the Bronx open.

Think about it, they have between $35 and $40 million coming off the books. If they have Gardner start in center, Austin Jackson in right field and Nick Swisher in left. Hughes can take Pettitte's spot. Then all they have to replace is Matsui and who better to do that with than Manny?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Manny can opt out, but why would we sign him? Cashman has showed recently that he doesn't want clubhouse nuisances. he's bbuying into that "chemistry" factor. Think about it, other than Sidney Ponson and Alex Rodriguez he's been bringing in "good guys" to the team. CC Sabathia, Nick Swisher, Mark Teixeira, Jose Molina, Xavier Nady and Ivan Rodriguez are all good clubhouse guys. I don't know enough about Burnett or marte to judge their personalities' effect on the clubhouse, but neither of them are clubhouse cancers like Manny. The Yanks will have Austin Jackson, Nick Swisher, Brett Gardner, and Melky Cabrera as in-house options after this year. Although, it is not out of the question that Melky and/or possibly Swisher get traded. But, when it comes to next off-season, I see a lot of better options than a 38 year old Manny. Matt Holliday will be available, although I don't want to give him the money and years that he'll want. The Rays' might not pick up Carl Crawford's $10mm option because of payroll concerns. Jason Bay will be a free agent and we might lure him away from Boston like we did with Johnny Damon a few years back. Rick Ankiel will also be a free agent. A healthy Vlad Guerrerro could be a better option as well. Perhaps the Yanks will try to sign Chone Figgins who can play anywhere really. It also wouldn't be surprising to see the Yanks sign someone to play shortstop, and move Jeter to the outfield. Or, maybe they'll move Jeter to second, Cano to the outfield, and sign a shortstop. Basically, when it comes down to it, the Yanks already have to deal with the A-Rod show, why add in the Manny show?