Got to love Fantasy Baseball

So far in the Battle of Baby Joba league that Conor and I are in, my team and his team are the only two teams to have gone 2-0 in the first two weeks. I just wanted to post my lineup, as of tomorrow, and see what you all think. It's pretty stellar if you ask me. Our league is head-head, and counts HR, XBH, SLG,OBP, and SB for offense and IP, K's, ERA, WHIP, and SVHD (saves plus holds) for pitching. Here's my current team

C John Buck
1B Miguel Cabrera
2B Robinson Cano
3B Aubrey Huff
SS Rafael Furcal
LF Adam Dunn
CF Coco Crisp
RF Elijah Dukes
DH Travis Hafner
Util Ryan Howard

SP Rick Porcello
SP Javier Vasquez
SP Erik Bedard
SP Jair Jurrjens
SP Joel Hanrahan
RP Scott Downs
RP Matt Thornton
RP Brad Lidge
RP Brian Bruney
RP Matt Lindstrom

Bench Kevin Millwood
Bench Clayton Kershaw
Bench Jered Weaver
Bench Ben Zobrist
Bench Edwin Encarnacion

DL Kelvim Escobar
DL Jesse Litsch

I've just been alternating my starting pitchers in based on who is starting, hence why Porcello is playing for me tomorrow and Millwood isn't. I know Hanrahan is a reliever, but since he is eligible as a starter too, I basically have another spot on my team that can get me SVHD's, rather than just putting a starter there that won't end up playing that day (obviously if I have 5 starters starting one day I'll move him out and let them rack in points for their starts, but I'll almost always have at least 1 free rotation slot for him. My team's been pretty solid up to this point (other than Furcal) and I'll update once in a while on how they are doing. I'm sure Conor will do the same with his team.

Few notable trades (good and bad) I've made...

Mar. 8th-Traded away Magglio Ordonez for Joakim Soria
Mar 8th-Traded away Ryan Theriot, Grady Sizemore, Ichiro, Hunter Pence, and Alexei Ramirez for Matt Kemp, Rafael Furcal, Matt Lindstrom, and Cameron Maybin (This trade was with Conor, and I'd say he won it).
Mar 9-Traded away Matt Holliday for Cole Hamels
Apr 11- Traded away Hideki Matsui, Justin Upton, and Cole Hamels for Travis Hafner, Huston Street, and Javy Vasquez.
Apr 15- Traded away Carlos Zambrano, Lance Berkman, and Brandon Inge for Mike Napoli, Aubrey Huff, and Robinson Cano
Apr 16- Traded away Joakim Soria and Edwin Jackson for Clayton Kershaw and Kevin Gregg
Apr 16-Traded away Emilio Bonifacio for Brad Lidge
Apr 17-Traded Matt Kemp and Kevin Gregg for Adam Dunn(made this trade with Conor too)
Apr 22- Traded away Alex Rios, Brian Roberts, Adam Lind, Mike Napoli, and John Smoltz for Miguel Cabrera (seems like a hefty package, but I had Cano who I was starting over Roberts, Dukes and Crisp who I was starting over Rios, Hafner who I was starting over Lind, Buck who I started over Napoli, and Smoltz is injured and a Red Sock)
Apr 23- Traded away Joba(hurt my heart, but had to do it), Paul Konerko, Shin Soo Choo, and Paul Maholm for Ryan Howard, Joel Hanrahan, and Erik Bedard.

I've played the waiver wire a lot, a lot, a lot, but trades are always more exciting.

Let me know what you think about any of the deals, good, bad, stupid, etc.

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