Here's a few links from around the web...

Nationals' Outfielder Elijah Dukes was benched one game, and fine $500 for showing up to practice 5 minutes late. Seems a tad excessive, but not terribly unreasonable. But catch this, he was doing Nationals affiliated charity work with a little league program.

Jayson Stark has a great Useless info article up.

Jeff Passan
has an article up about "indulgence" at New Yankee Stadium. As does Tim Marchman.

Buster Olney has two articles up at ESPN.com about the crazy home run numbers at New Yankee Stadium. Ken Rosenthal gives his take on "Coors Field East."

Tom Verducci has a rather comical poem about Old Yankee Stadium.

Kevin Kernan has overreacted already, and pressed the panic button on the Yankee season.

Jeff Moore
lists main concerns for contenders.

Here's the breakdown on Jorge Posada's "instant-replay approved" home run.

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