Here's to the New Place.

Do you have a big screen TV? Is it HD? Think about your TV. Now think about the height of your house. That's probably the best way to describe the fantastic new TV screen at the new park. It's incredible. Apparently the Yankees didn't just build a ballpark, they built a city. The place is ridiculous. No wonder seats cost ten billion dollars a pop. This is going to be a fun place to visit for years to come.

The Yanks kick off the season tomorrow with an exhibition against the Cubbies. Chesley Sullenberger, the captain of the flight in January that needed to be landed on the Hudson, will throw out the first pitch. But really, I'm more interested in who will be able to say that they had the first "New Yankee Stadium Hot Dog," the first steak at the steakhouse, the first meal at the Hard Rock Cafe, the first soda in the stands, the first beer, started the first role call, said "Red Socks Suck" first, and got kicked out first. If you go to the game tomorrow I suggest getting there at 4 am, being first in line, and then just do all the "firsts" in stadium history. I'm sure some happened at the workout, but there'll surely be other great firsts to be had, and at least firsts on a gameday. It'll be something you can brag about for years. Derek Jeter's already hit the first ball over the fence so we'll see what other great firsts you can have. We'd love to hear about any good ones you have (first to utilize a Yankee staidum urinal) I mean the possibilities are endless.

We are going all the way this year. I'm saying that now so I can brag when we do. Mark Teixeira is always a slow starter, but he had a hot spring and hopefully it'll keep going that way. Jeter batting first will help our OBP numbers from the leadoff spot, and Damon second will lower our DP totals. A-Rod and Tex will make a helluva combo in the middle of the order. Our rotation is going to be great, if everyone stays healthy. And if not...don't worry, we've got Phil Hughes. We have endless possibilities in the 'pen. Robby Cano and Nick Swisher can only get better. Brett Gardner has the spunk our lineup needs. We're going to have at least one bench clearing brawl against both Tampa and Boston. Jorge is back, and he'll be his old self behind the plate. I'm pretty sure we'll have the best DH in the league with Matsui (yea Papi. I said it. Whatcha gonna do?). Girardi knows its all on the line this year, and he's ready for the challenge. We can do this. And Boston can't. We're beating Tampa Bay for the division, they can have the wild card if they want, but we're going to win the division, the division series, the championship series, and the World Series. Not to mention we'll have the Cy Young winner (Burnett, Sabathia, Joba, Wang, Rivera...take your pick, the MVP (Jeter, Teixeira, and Cano could all be candidates), and the Rookie of the Year, Gardner (Oh no Matt Wieters....whatcha gotta say to that? David Price...you think you could beat B-Gard, no way dude. No way). And don't forget the comeback player of the year (Cano), the DHL Delivery Man (Mariano), Manager of the Year (Girardi) and executive of the Year (Cashman). Sure, I'm being optimistics, but the thing is that it's not that far fetched for us to win any of those awards. And we will win the Series. I'm positive. So...here's to a great year. Let's start it off by destroying the Cubbies tomorrow before the season actually begins.

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