Yankee Predictions

We all know that everyone makes predictions. They're not always right, but they're fun to make. Here are a few predictions I have that are Yankee specific.

CC Sabathia's ERA will be above four until mid-May. Then he will hit his stride, and by the end of the year he'll be at 3.00 or 3.25. He's going to have a rough start, like he did last year, but then he'll be used to New York, and he'll have some innings under his belt, and he will destroy the competition.

Robinson Cano is going to bat around .330/.400/.500, with 25-30 homers, and above average defense. Robby's stats weren't good last year, mostly due to a terrible start to the season, and he never seemed to hit his true potential. After all the trade rumors this off-season, Robby has something to prove. If he can just "hit 'em where they ain't" his average will sky rocket. Kevin Long worked with Robby in the DR this off-season and it should help. Robby will lay off more pitches and draw more walks this year. With Tex on his side of the diamond, rather than Giambi, Cano won't have to cover as wide of a range of hits, which should help his defense because he can stay in a slightly smaller area. Robby is my sleeper MVP pick, and he's the most likely comeback player of the year. Cano is set for a big year with his new swing/stance, improved plate vision, and more help on the right side of the diamond.

Melky Cabrera will be traded. We've all heard that Gardner has better range, better speed, and better OBP abilities. Gardner has the starting job, and if he loses it, it will be because we need someone who can hit, which isn't Melky. We have Nick Swisher as the 4th outfielder already, and Hideki will be able to play the outfield on occassion by June, so Melky is just an extra player. Melky is one of my favorite players and it will be sad to see him go, but when we have a hole we need to fill, and teamsd like Detroit, Toronto, and Seattle go into fire-sale mode, the Melkman will be dangled in all kinds of trade talks, and someone is bound to bite.

Cody Ransom is going to have a rough April. he doesn't have the talent to play major league level baseball, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Berroa or Pena fill in at third for multiple games before A-Rod returns. When A-Rod gets back, I see Ransom going back to triple A, and Pena being the utility infielder, as he is faster and better with the glove than Ransom. If Ransom hits poorly in his time as a starter he really won't have any edge on Pena for the utility role.

AJ Burnett will get injured this year. Last year was only the third time he topped 200 innings, and the other two time he pitched 23 and 135.2 innings the following year. I say he's good for 20-25 starts, but after that pull out your Phil Hughes jersey's.

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