Why not add to our misery?

After a rough game, I have some more bad news to report...

Cody Ransom has a quad injury, so he'll be heading to the 15 day DL.

Chien Ming Wang apparently has a hip related injury, which is a result of last year's foot injury, so he'll go to the 15 day DL as well. Dave Robertson is being called up to take his spot on the roster.

Brian Bruney is in New York to have his elbow examined, apparently it hurt on Wednesday and again today, so he'll have it checked out.

I'm assuming we'll see Phil Hughes and Angel Berroa called up soon, Berroa to start at 3rd in Ransom/A-Rod's absence, and Hughes to take Wang's spot in the rotation. I really wish we would call up Alf Aceves or someone like that to take over the long reliever role, because otherwise our bullpen might get worn down quickly.

We need to fix the 'pen. Today wasn't typical Mariano work, he'll be fine. Phil Coke is alright. Jon Albaladejo is alright. Edwar and Veras...are good enough. But if Bruney's injured there is a huge problem. Add in that Damaso Marte sucks. Yes, he sucks. He is overrated, always has been. I'm not overreacting just to today. Marte hasn't been good ever since he came to the Bronx. His contract is ridiculous, it's like a mini version of the Kei Igawa deal. I would love to see Mark Melancon in New York. I want Rivera, Coke, Albaladejo, Melancon, and Aceves in my bullpen EVERY SINGLE DAY. Can we get rid of Marte somehow or some way? The Cubs just staright up released Luis Vicaino, maybe would could do the same with Marte. Could we trade him for somebody?

Remember when I was crying all off-season for a good utility infielder? Well, I was right wasn't I? We're all worried that we lost our 3rd base backup who is batting a brutal .180/.226/.320 . Wouldn't you rather have Mark Grudzielanek or Ray Durham (both still free agents) or Omar Vizquel (6/14 with a walk) or Willie Bloomquist (.292/.370/.333 )?

Well there's a few things to top off this miserable day. Don't worry, this time tomorrow we'll all be celebrating a big AJ Burnett win.

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