Tribute to Nick Swisher

Nick Swisher is quickly becoming a fan favorite, and Conor and I are both huge fans. Here's a small tribute to SuperSwish.

In Michael Lewis's Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game there is a story about the friendship between Nick Swisher and catcher Jeremy Brown. Brown was an overweight hitter who was only drafted because Billy Beane was enthralled with his extraordinary ability to get on base. Brown was ridiculed for his size and for having "titties" as the scouts said. Swish tried to inspire Brown, "'All that stuff they write in Baseball America--that's bullshit. You can play. That's all that matters. You can play. You think Babe Ruth was a stud? Hell no, he was a fat piece of shit."..."Just like Brown.'" How great is that? He inspired a fat guy, by making sure he knew that Babe Ruth was fat too.

After Xavier Nady went on the DL, Swish drew an X on his elbow as a tribute to the X-Man and his elbow injury.

Swish won an emmy for "Swisher Unscripted" a pre-game show that aired weekly.

He runs "Swish's Wishes" which helps children in need with everything from medicine to education.

Swish commented on his pitching experience by comparing it to an etch-a-sketch, shaking away the bad part of the game and starting over again.

Swisher is the man. He was selected by the Oakland A's in the 2002 draft, with the compensation pick Oakland received for Johnny Damon signing with Boston.

Swisher isn't ever a question, he's the answer.

Swish played D1 baseball at Ohio State, and he would've played D1 BBall, D1 Football, D1 Hockey, D1 Swimming, D1 Track and Field, D1 Tennis, D1 Lacrosse, and D1 Soccer, but he was too busy saving the world, finding a cure for cancer, teaching Superman how to fly, teaching Aquaman to swim, and working on a solution for global warming.

Swisher was extremely close with his grandmother, Betty Lorraine Swisher, who raised him. He points to the sky for her after every hit, and has her initials tatooed on his chest. She died from brain cancer in 05.

Swisher is a class act, a funny fellow, a BA ballplayer, a quality character, and in general a complete and total gangsta'. We look forward to his future with the Yanks.

You stay classy Nick Swisher, and remember...if you ain't first, you're last.

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