Xavier Nady

So, maybe he won't be out for the whole season! According to Jon Heyman, Nady has been diagnosed with a partial ligament tear and will not require surgery. Via PeteAbe, the Yankees are hoping Nady will be back in 5-7 weeks. Nady has a slightly more optimistic belief, saying that he will be back in 4-6 weeks. The only question now is whether he will return as an outfielder or in a DH role. Either way, having him back in the lineup will greatly improve our depth. I learned from MLBTR that it was rumored that the Yankees were planning on looking outside the organization for more depth, specifically at Austin Kearns or Jason Repko. This will not longer be necessary. Having Nady back makes or bench much stronger, whether its him sitting on the pine or the great Nick Swisher. 

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