Joba v. Lester: A Battle of Good vs Evil

It's the middle of the fifth, and the Yankees are winning 2-1. Joba let in a Jacoby Ellsbury run in the first one a passed ball. he let in 5 hits, and walked 3, while racking up 2 K's through his first 4 innings of work. Our stellar infield defense has saved him though, already having turned 3 double plays. Everyone's favorite Cabrera, the legendary Melkman, is 1 for 1 with a single, has drawn a walk, and stolen a base. If he keeps it up, he might start to take over centerfield full time, whether you agree with it or not. I'm a Melky fan, always have been , always will be, and no matter how he plays I love seeing him out on the field. I like Gardner too, don't get me wrong, I just have a stronger connection to Melky. I think he could be good this year, either as a bench player or a starter. He just needs to have a big rebound and should be able to have one, if he stays concentrated. Melky's a fun loving guy, and this new cheerful, youthful, care-free atmosphere in the clubhouse should help him. I'll keep you all updated on the rest of the game...
Joba walks Pedroia, then Ortiz singles, moving Pedroia to third. Youkilis hits a grounder to Jeter, who has a slow turn to Cano, who throws to Tex to just miss the second out of a double play. BUT, don't fret, JD Drew hits the same hit to Jeter, Jeter to Cano to Teixeira, DOUBLE PLAY. And we're out of the 5th. That's 4 double plays on the day. Good work.
Update: Jon Lester has already thrown 107 pitches, and he's on the first batter of the 6th inning (Melky, who just hit a long fly to center, which was caught at the wall by Ellsbury). Let's hope we can knock Lester out soon and start to wear down Boston's 'pen.
Update: Jose Molina singles to left. Our bottom 3 hitters (Melky, Molina, and Ransom) are 3 for 5, with 3 walks, and a stolen base. Melky and Molina have each scored a run, while Ransom has an RBI. And as I wrote this Ransom grounded into a double play, Nick Green-Pedroia-Youkilis.
Update: Mike Lowell lines one at the green monster. Damon lines up to catch it off the wall, but Melky jumps in front of him to try and get it, but it hits off his glove and Lowell gets to second. Don't hate Melky for this little mistake, if he had gotten it he could've thrown Lowell out, if Damon had gotten it Lowell couldn't have been thrown out, so it was a smart decision. Varitek singles. Men on the corners one out...sure could use another DP right here. Nick Green's at the plate.
Update: Nick Green singles to right. Lowell scores, and Varitek goes to second. Joey G's walking out to the mound. Joba's coming out and Phil Coke will come in to face Jacoby Ellsbury. This is Girardi playing those matchups like he likes to do so much (Ellsbury's a lefty, as is Coke obviously). I'm guessing Coke will stay in at least long enough to face Boston's most prominent lefty, David Ortiz, who you might know as Mo Vaugh 2.0 (yes, that's me saying Ortiz is fading, and fading fast).
Update: Coke gets Ellsbury to fly out to Cabrera, and Pedroia (the most undeserving MVP recipient since Jimmy Rollins) to fly out to SuperSwish. Through 6 innings, it is a tie game at 2-2. Hideki Okajima will come in to replace Jon "Extra-Overrated" Lester.
Update: Derek Jeter, a complete and total stud, class-act, total ballplayer, speedster, and a phenomenal hitter hits a fly real close to Pesky's Pole in right, JD Drew tries to catch it, but he's not the brightest around, so it hits off his glove and Jeter gets to second. Damon's up. He lays down a bunt, to move Jeter over, but Hideki Okajima (who's talent level is comparable to complete and total failure Hideki Irabu.) is too slow to the ball, and Damon reaches first. Time for a big Tex hit.
Update: Mark Teixeira RBI bloop single to center. Yanks up 3-2. Damon on 2nd, Tex on 1st. Time for some hip hip Jorge.
Update: Jorge singles to right. Bases loaded as who else but SUPERSWISHER comes to the plate. Okajima is pulled from the game, for righty Manny Delcarmen.
Update: Swish flies out to Bay, but not hit hard enough to score Damon. Robby Cano comes to the plate.
Update: I'm sitting here shouting profanities because Cano flies to the left-center gap, and Jason Bay makes a great diving catch after hustling over, but Damon still scores. The other runners stay at 1st and 2nd. Now we have Robby's best friend, the Melkman, at the plate. Melky grounds out to Pedroia, but it's 4-2 Yanks. Let's keep this lead.
Update: Coke's still in, and he just got Ortiz to fly out to Johnny Damon. Jon Albaladejo is warming in the 'pen for the Yanks. Takashi Saito is warming in Boston's pen.
Update: Coke walks JD Drew, and noe Albaladejo is coming in to face Jason Bay.
Update: With one out, and Derek Jeter at the plate. Cody Ransom steals second base from first. Suzyn Waldman comments on how Varitek's throws are still accurate, but not as hard anymore. All-star catcher my arse.
Update: Derek Jeter grounds out to Pedroia. Ransom apparently hurt himself sliding into second. He gets to third on Jeter's ground out, but they're taking Ransom out for Ramiro Pena, who was catching in the bullpen believe it or not.
Update: Damon strikes out swinging to end the inning. There was no one warming in the pen, so we should see Albaladejo here again. I'd like to see Bruney, but since Lowell, Varitek, and Green are due up, I wouldn't say this is a bad decision. Those guys aren't real intimidating, and Albaladejo should take care of them, then we'll se Mo in the ninth.
Update: Albaladejo strikes out Mike Lowell, on 5 pitches. Now Varitek's in the box...
Update: Varitek grounds out to Cano. Mariano and Marte are warming in the 'pen.
Update: Albaladejo, on an 0-2 count hits Nick Green on the thigh. So Jacoby Ellsbury comes up to the plate. Green on first.
Update: With an 0-1 count on Ellsbury, with two outs, Joey G comes out to the mound and signals to the 'pen. In comes the man, the legend, the hero, the sandman, the all-star, the closer Mariano Rivera.
Update: Ellsbury hits a bloop pop fly to shallow left, Jeter goes back to get it, and should have had it, but dropped it (it's ruled a single, but that's an error no doubt about it).
Update: Rivera strikes out Pedroia to get out of the 8th. Due up in the 9th: Mark Teixeira, Hip Hip Jorge Posada,Nick
Update: In to pitch for Boston, Javy Lopez. Who hits Mark Teixeira on the foot. Tex to first, Jorge to the plate.
Update: Jorge walks. SuperSwish is up. Time for something big from Swish.
Update: Swish walks. Javy Lopez's control is just terrible he's pitching too far inside consistently. Bases juiced with Robby Cano at the plate.
Update: Well, Darn. Robby hits a hard grounder at Pedroia who throw home to Varitek for the out, then Varitek throws to Youkilis to get Cano out. Double play. Men on 2nd and 3rd and the Melkman's at the plate. Let's see that Melky Way.
Update: Melky hits a pop fly in foul territory just left of the plate. Varitek makes the catch and we head to the bottom of the 9th. We have left 25 men on base this game. Yikes!
Update: Gardner comes in as a defensive replacement, with Melky moving to Right, and Swisher coming out. David Ortiz is up. And obviously Mariano's still on the mound.
Update: Mo strikes out David Ortiz. Then Youkilis singles to center field. JD Drew comes to the plate, and Jason Bay is on deck. I'm hoping we can turn 2 here.
Update: Drew hits a weak grounder to Cano, who tosses to Tex for the out. Two down. Man on 2nd. Bay comes to the plate.
Update: Jason Bay hits a game-tying homerun to straight away centerfield. You have got to be kidding me. Lowell to the plate. COME ON MARIANO. GET HIM OUT DAMNIT!
Update: Lowell hits a single to left. Varitek's up. Dave Eiland, the pitching coach, comes out to talk to Mo.
Update: Mo strikes out Varitek...and we head to extras. Due up: Molina, Pena, Jeter. Let's see some clutch hitting from our Bronx Bombers, we sure could use it right now.
Update: Molina singles to center. And Pena moves him to 2nd with a sac bunt. Jeter hits a grounder to 2nd, which Pedroia makes a diving stop on to get Jeter out. 2 outs. Molina on 3rd, Damon at the dish.
Update: Damon Walks. Tex is up; Time to enter Yankeedom Tex.
Update: Tex Strikes out...Damn.
Update: Well, we're screwed. Girardi is bringing in Damaso Marte. How do you not bring in Bruney, or Steven Jackson, or Veras, or Edwar, or anyone besides Marte.
Update: Well, 'll be darned. Marte strikes out Nick Green. 1 down, 2 to go.
Update: Ellsbury pops out to Jeter. 2-2 count on Pedroia. And MARTE STRIKES OUT PEDROIA. I can't believe I'm saying this but THANK GOD, and by God I mean Harlan Chamberlain (Joba's father... duh), for Damaso Marte. The Red Sox are taking Papelbon out and bringing in Ramon Ramirez and we have Jorge, Gardner, and Cano due up. I'd love to see Jorge draw a walk, Gardner bunt him over. And then Cano single him in. But that's just an ideal situation.
Update: Brain Bruney is going to New York to have his elbow examined. Shoot.
Update: Gardner tries to bunt Jorge over, but Jorge is thrown out, while Gardner's safe. Let's see him steal 2nd here.
Update: Robby singles to right. THE MELKMAN"S UP. Here we go!
Update: Melky grounds out to Pedroia, who tags Gardner and throws out Melky at first. We've got Marte out there again.
Update: Kevin Friggin Youkilis hits a game winning homerun. I'm hating life right now.

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