We Have a Winner...

After much consideration, Kevin and I have decided on a winner for our DVD contest! Because of the hilarious irony of his entry, Brandon has been selected! To all of those who submitted entries, thanks so much and we hope we can do this again soon.

Here's Brandon's entry-

When I was about 10 my dad took me to my first Yankees game. It was Yankees vs. Blue Jays at the stadium and the pitching matchup was Jeff Weaver vs. Roy Halladay. My dad and older brother kept talking about how good Jeff Weaver was and how he could win the Cy Young (it was the first month of the year) and I got really excited about the Yankees being favorites to win this game. So I go to the game, the first thing I notice is how good this random guy on the jays looks. So I say "this guy looks good guys" "He isn't very good son, he won't be in the majors for long." The Yankees would lose the game 8-2 and my family would be wrong about both players. I was also on the big screen that game and my friend saw me. 

Jeff Weaver > Roy Halladay? The Yankees would have certainly been a different team. Thanks again for the entries, I'll be back later to review 2001 WS Game 4 from the DVD set.

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