Red Sox-Yankees First Matchup of 2009.

Our honorable, venerable, classy, fun-loving, professional, dominant, philanthropist, all-star Yankees take on the grimy, grungy, dirty, lame, weak, rude, disgusting, arrogant, ignorant Red Sox for the first time in 2009 this weekend. The series start with Our Lord the Savior Joba Chamberlain matching up against Boston ace Jon Lester on Friday night. For the second time in a row AJ Burnett will face a former teammate from his 03 Marlins championship squad, last time out he pitched against Pavano, and this time out he takes on Josh Beckett. For the final game in the series Classic Yankee Andy Pettitte will take on young Justin Masterson. Dear Justin, The Yankee offense is going to MASTER you SON. (I know...classy eh?) Obviously it is still early in the season, but this could be a big series (every game counts). If we can sweep it will give us a nice little cushion over Boston, and if we can take 2 of 3 we'll at least stay in first. The series will definitely be an interesting one, as we both have our young phenoms piching in the first game, our power pitchers in the second game, and then the veteran Andy Pettitte versus the newbie Masterson in the final game. We will be at Fenway, so expect to hear the boos whenever anyone comes to the plate (especially Teixeira after that little off-season spat when the Yankees signed Boston's first choice free agent). Joba dominated Boston for seven innings in a start against them mid season last year, and has seen their hitters many a time over the past year. AJ was in Toronto all last year, and has faced the Red Sox plenty of times, so he'll know the hitters well, and Andy Pettitte obviously has loads of experience pitching against Boston. It'll be interesting to see how Tex, SuperSwisher, and AJ do with their introduction to the rivalry. I'm also curious to see how the youngsters, Gardner, Ransom, and Pena do as they come into the rivalry. It's going to be the first series we'll really see the fans get into, so be sure to watch a game or two.

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Scott said...

Hope you enjoyed the series. Did you say you wanted to sweep the Sox or get swept BY the Sox? I'm a little bit confused. Rivera makes the best facial expressions when he gives up runs, quite entertaining.