Alex Rodriguez

A-Rod homered in the first today, a two run shot to left. That's the fourth game in a row that he's homered. You can tell he's enjoying the new stadium. A-Rod also sports a .395 OBP and is slugging .563. However his batting average is an abysmal .176. Don't read too much into the average though. First off, its not a strong measure of success compared to other stats. Secondly, A-Rod's a career .305 hitter, his average will rise soon. The presence of A-Rod has helped Mark Teixeira immensely. Since A-Rod arrived on May 8th, Tex is hitting .433 with an OBP of .514, 5 homers, and 13 RBI's. Moral of the story: we've got a pretty strong 3-4 combo.

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