We re-signed Humberto Sanchez, this time he isn't on the 40 man roster though.

will be back with the Yanks tomorrow. Hopefully we'll see some strong offense from him this year.

Ramon Valdivia
, a former Yankee scout in the Dominican, is suing the team for $3mm. He claims he was unjustly fired last August when he was suspected of skimming money from contract bonuses, and claims he has proven he wasn't involved.

If you were worrying, Joe Girardi's job is safe.

Brian Bruney made a dumb thoughtless move and blamed the Umps and a video replay for his elbow injury. Brian, you can only blame yourself. I do agree that the viewing of replays should have a set time though.

Here's an excerpt from Selena Roberts' book. Interesting article on why not to trust Selena Roberts, as Jason Whitlock talks about her reporting on the Duke lacrosse scandal. He compares to Reverend Al Sharpton, which could be seen as quite an insult.

Jon Heyman
ranks managers and looks at the 05 draft class. In the 05 draft class, the Yanks picked up Zach Kroenke and Brett Gardner. But, our victory was the next year, when we signed Joba Chamberlain, Ian Kennedy, Mark Melancon, and Zach McAllister.

Tom Verducci
echoes what I said earlier, asking fans to be patient with CC and Tex.

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