Laughing at You Manny

Manny Ramirez has been suspended 50 games for breaking MLB's Performance Enhancing Drug Policy. He didn't test positive for steroids, but some other banned substance.

Here's Peter Gammons' take.

It is said that Manny took HCG. HCG is usually used to restart a steroid user's testoserone production after a steroid cycle. Manny claims he was using it for a "personal issue" and it was prescribed by a doctor. HCG is a fertility drug for women, by the way. Manny apologized, which is surprising to me.

Yahoo claims the HCG was a "sexual enhancer." Low testoserone can mean erectile dysfunction, and HCG would boost testoserone levels to fix that problem.

will lose $7.7mm because of his suspension.

I'm so glad we didn't sign him. It would suck to deal with him and A-Rod's PED issues. I've always held a very low opinion of Manny Ramirez. He's someone I have very little respect for, and if he was using steroids, then I have even less respect for. And if he was using HCG as his own Viagra, well you can't help but laugh at him can you? No wonder the guy has to act like he's the best there is in baseball, cause obviously he isn't as gifted in some other aspects of life...

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