Great Win

Here's what I have to say...Props Phil Hughes. Hughsie, as you might know, was on pace for a no-hitter last time he pitched in Texas, last year, before getting injured in the 6th. And today he impressed again, though without an injury. Philly pitched 8 shutout 3 hit innings striking out 6, and walking 1. Great start for him. Pitching like that, he might get to stay in the rotation, depending on how Chien-Ming is progressing in the 'pen, getting ready to return to the rotation. On the offensive side, every Yankee that came to the plate got a hit. A-Rod had 5....The Captain, Tex, A-Rod, Robby Cano, and Johnny Damon all had extra base hits. Great game overall by the Yanks. I know some people were skeptical about Girardi bringing in Aceves and not letting Hughes finish the ninth, but why risk letting Hughes get hurt?

On another note, I was at Coors Field watching Torre's Dodgers kill my Rockies. It hurts my heart seeing him and Mattingly in Dodger uniforms. 

Anyways, let's hope the Yanks get out there and win again tomorrow behind our Lord the Savior (he was hit by a line drive his last time out, but he's Joba Chamberlain, nothing can hurt him) and Kevin Millwood(quality year so far, let's wreck his ERA tomorrow). 

This Yankee team reminds me of our teams of the late nineties. These guys like eachother, have talent, and play to win. Nick Swisher, class act, loves his late grandmother, says hillarious things, and is a quality reliever as well(0.00 ERA). AJ Burnett, introduces the whip cream celbratory pie. CC Sabathia, nicest guy in baseball. Derek Jeter, definition of perfection. Joba, gives 100% every time out, and cares about his game as much as anyone I've seen since Paul O'Neill. Johnny Damon started the WWE player of the game belt. This is a fun team. And you got to love 'em.

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