Mike Francesca is an Idiot

An absolute and total idiot. On his half radio show/ TV show, Francesca absolutely blew up on an person who called in defending Joba's role as a starting pitcher. Francesca went on to totally ignore every word that came out of this person's mouth, ignoring stats, and ignoring the fact that Joba Chamberlain is a 23 year old STARTING PITCHER, who has the potential to be one of the best pitchers in the majors. If he can't have the patience to allow Joba to develop as a starter and not realize the talent he possesses, then he shouldn't even be working for YES. Joba has a 3.25 ERA in 21 starts for his career. As PeteAbe pointed out, CC has a 3.65 as a starter... People need to realize that with a little development, Joba will be a fantastic pitcher. As RAB said, this is a "short-sighted view that Joba Chamberlain belongs in the sacred, more-important-than-any-other-inning, 8th." As PeteAbe said, "starting pitching is the key to winning baseball, period.",People need to stop suggesting the stupidity that is putting Joba in the bullpen...

Watch the video of Francesca's rant. It is absurd.

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