Swish your vote. Vote Swisher!

You all probably know that the all-star ballot is out. You can vote 25 times online for every email address you have. I just voted 50 times over two emails. It took 10 minutes. You can write in 1 player from each league, so write in Swisher. I was going to right in Melky as well, but it only let me write in one for the AL. Go to MLB.com go to the ballot. And vote for your favorite players (like Nick Swisher). He's worth the vote and the ten minutes, because we all want to see him starting the midsummer classic in St. Louis. So vote now!

UPDATE: There is another blog, VOTESWISHER.COM , dedicated to spreading Vote Nick Swisher awareness. Check it out. And then GO VOTE FOR SUPERSWISH. (Write him in as an outfielder).

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