News from 'round the league.

Manny apologized to his teammates. Apparently he was "uncomfortable" talking in front of a group, but at least he got up there.

Ichiro homered twice. In the same game. Against the Red Sox. Ichiro isn't a home run hitter, so I love seeing him hit two against Boston.

Also in Seattle, Brandon Morrow lost the closer job to what will be a rotation of various pitchers headed by David Aardsma.

Boston benched David Ortiz tonight. That famous 3-4 Ortiz-Manny Combo's been seeing some rough times lately.

Adrian Gonzalez homered, for the fifth game in a row. That's just sick. I'm not big on the Padres (I'm a pretty big Colorado guy), but got to respect that.

Toronto's former closer, BJ Ryan, has been hurt and started the year poorly. Upon his return will be in a set-up role rather than the closer role. And he accepts it. If you have a closer pitching like Scott Downs is, you want him in every save situation.

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