A-Rod, Fossum, SuperSwisher, and Damon

A-Rod played 5 innings at third, albeit only getting in on one play, which he fielded cleanly. Alex hasn't exactly been an offensive force in these rehab games, going 0 for 6 today with 2 punch outs and not running the bases, but hey he's in games at least. Alex's rehab overall is going well and we should see him in the Bronx in less than 2 weeks. I'm not a big A-Rod fan, just because of who he is as a person. And the tipping pitches in Texas rumor really upset me. That is intentional on-field cheating, and cheating so that the other team can hit off your own teammates. But, dude can hit. So I'm going to complain about him being in the lineup. And for any of you that are worried he's tipping pitches in the Bronx, he's playing third so no righty could see him, and it's a big turn for a lefty to look to third then to the pitcher and then hit, so it's not happening in the Bronx. I like that he'll only talk baseball to the reporters right now, because when he talks about other things he says stupid things.

The Yanks signed journeyman 31 year old left-hander Casey Fossum. Fossum was in the Mets' organization to start the year, but was DFA'd earlier this week. He'll start Saturday for Scranton. I'm okay with this move, mostly because I think he could end up helping the major league 'pen. But, I wish we had our young guys starting in the minors, they need those innings and they need that experience. I am going to be a tad upset if he ends up starting at the major league level instead of Ian Kennedy or Alf Aceves, because I think they are better more promising pitchers, but if he comes into the 'pen I have no beef with him.

Nick Swisher is day to day with a bruised elbow after getting hit by Jered Weaver yesterday and having to leave the game early. X-Rays were negative.

Johnny Damon
talked about his future after this year. He would like to come back, but doesn't know if it's likely because of our young outfielders(Ajax, Gardner, Melky).

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