Francisco Cervelli

I just want to comment on how much I love the rookies. After Mo got the last out by strikeout, Frank Cervelli stood right up and gave Roger's Centre a fist pump that rivaled Joba. He just looked so thrilled to be up there and being with the big guys. Kim Jones did a post game interview with him, and he couldn't stop saying how wonderful everybody was, how wonderful he feels playing in the MLB, and how special the situation was for him. As Kevin and I said in our guest post for PeteAbe, we really value the rookies, and love to see the excitement that they bring to the game every single day. You can add Cervelli to that list of enthusiastic young players. I hope he can continue to play well on an everyday level. 

In addition to Cervelli, Pena, Gardner, and Melky are continuing to have that exciting effect. Go young players.

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Phrank said...

I love Cervelli's enthusiasm! The way he encourages the pitchers with each pitch is so good to see from a team player.