Everyone was waiting. For months his name was whispered from man to man. Journalists diligently studied his every move. Rookies attempted to mimic his every move. His MVP awards shined from his trophy case. He worked like no other, always giving one hundred percent. For 6 weeks he yearned to join his team, his friends, his family on the fields where the whole nation would watch them. He did all he could, waving a broomstick through the air to strengthen his arms, refusing to speak off anything but his one true love, baseball. And on May 8th the natural returned to the field. As he walked towards the plates the opposing crowds jeered him. They booed and ranted of his antics. He blocked them all out with his tunnel vision. All he saw was the plate, the ball, the fence. The pitcher, clad in orange, stared him down. He hurled the tiny globe of hope, the globe in which the all-star lives and thrives. As the world zipped towards him at a staggering speed just under 100 miles per hour, the legend mustered all his might and brought the heavy bat through his zone, striking his world with immeasurable force. He looked up as the ball flew high and far, above the fence in left, and landed in the stands. He hopped and flipped his bat as he jogged around the bases. For he was back. His team was lifted. And the world was saved.

Indeed Alex Rodriguez has returned to the baseball field. We may not be the biggest fans of Alex Rodriguez the person, but dude can hit. We all hope to see Alex play at his typical level as the year progresses on, and he is certainly a much needed upgrade in the lineup over the likes of Angel Berroa and Ramiro Pena. We will see if his ego and the never-dying cloud of controversy that follows him around will be any type of a problem for the Yanks as the season progresses, but we'd have to hope his ball-playing ability will have the bigger influence.

Meanwhile... CC Sabathia has thrown 8 shutout innings, walking one, allowing two hits, and striking out 5. I told you, he's just a late starter.
UPDATE: He's in for the ninth, and allowed singles to the first two hitters, Cesar Izturis and Brian Roberts. But then he struck out Adam Jones. 1 out. Men on 1st and 2nd. Nick Markakis to the plate.
UPDATE: Then he struck out Nick Markakis. Now Melvin Mora's at the plate.
UPDATE: Then he struck out Melvin Mora. 9 shutout innings. 113 pitches. 8 strikeouts. YEAH CC.

Robinson Cano who had been in a pretty big slump went 2 for 4 today with a double.

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