Why are you still here?

Jose Veras was his typical lights out stuff again. He came in in the ninth, and promptly allowed two earned runs on two hits thanks to a Shin Soo Choo home run. He boosted his ERA to a just dominant ERA of 6.97. That's below 7...INCREDIBLE! He sure is Mr. Reliable eh? What with his 14 walks in 20.1 innings, and 1.60 WHIP, who could be better?

And that Brett Tomko has been so useful in the 'pen as well. Since his call up on May 9th he's made a total of 5 appearances (his last being May 24th) and has totaled 4.1 innings with a 4.15 ERA. The ERA's fine right? Well yeah. But what about how opposing hitters are hitting .313 on him. Yes, .313. His 1.62 WHIP is ridiculous as well. Sure, its 4.1 innings. But don't you think that there is a REASON why its only been 4.1 innings?

Meanwhile...in Scranton....
Future closer Mark Melancon has a 1.93 ERA in 18.2 innings. Oh, he's struck out 23 batters in those 18.2 innings and only walked 5. But obviously Veras has been more helpful eh?

Zach Kroenke, a phenomenal lefty, has a 1.17 ERA. ONE POINT ONE SEVEN! He's struck out 16 in his 23 innings pitched allowing 14 hits and 14 walks. But hey, We'd rather have that oh so useful Brett Tomko....

I've been sounding off on the bullpen situation for a while, but these moves make sense.Get rid of Jose Veras. He is just a waste of a roster spot. Plain and simple. I'd trade him for half a bag of Doritos. And Tomko, if we aren't going to use him then let him go.

We also have Angel Berroa on the major league roster. Angel Berroa who has 2 hits in his 12 at bats this year, hasn't drawn a walk, struckout 3 times (yes that is one time more than he's gotten a hit), He hasn't stolen a base either. We only bring him in as a late inning defensive replacement, but why don't we just let Pena do that? There is zero reason to keep him on the roster. Especially when at triple A we have guys that could be useful. Guys like Shelley Duncan who has shelled 18 home runs so far this year, Todd Linden who sports a .385 OBP is slugging .518, and has stolen three bases in three attempts, and John Rodriguez with his .391 OBP and .555 SLG. These guys can actually hit a baseball, something Berroa doesn't quite understand how to do. Sure these guys can't play the infield, but you can put them at the plate and know that there is some chance they might get on base, whereas with Berroa you just have to hope the "Sonic Boom" from Backyard Baseball(the one where all the fielders fall asleep) comes to life and works, then he might, maybe, might, possibly, may haps, just might reach base.

Brian Cashman, if you are reading this....pay attention. Get rid of Veras. Get rid of Tomko. Get rid of Berroa. Call up Melancon, Kroenke, and one of your three mashing triple A outfielders. Its just simple logic. I'm going to preach this until you listen. I said a while back, to bring up David Robertson, and guess what...since he's been back he's throw 2.2 perfect innings, and struck out three. You've got strong young players. Use them Cashman. Use them!

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