Damaso to DL: Claggett To The Bronx

Damaso Marte is going to the DL. He hasn't been used in 7 games, and when he was used he wasn't very effective. He has "a weakness and some tendinitis" according to Joe Girardi. He had an MRI on Friday and will see a doctor tomorrow. Anthony Claggett will take his roster spot. Claggett pitched in one game this year, it was that atrocious loss to Cleveland that Wang started on April 18th. He walked 2, struck out two, allowed 9 hits, and let in 8 earned runs over a grand total of 1.2 innings. He hasn't exactly shined at triple A either. He has a 4.26 ERA over 12.2 innings, walking 3, striking out ten, and allowing 18 hits. However the righty has a GO/AO of 2.71, so at least that means we shouldn't have to worry too much about him letting up any gopher balls to that short right field fence.

This is an interesting call-up, because Steven Jackson (1.74 ERA), Zach Kroenke(0.84 ERA), and Jose Valdez (3.00 ERA) are all better options than Claggett. Here is my thinking...Casey Fossum was signed yesterday, and he will start for Scranton today. I say we'll let him start today, then call him up in 4 or 5 days to take on a role as a long reliever, and we'll send Claggett down. Claggett has already been at the Major League level this year, so shuttling him up to the Bronx wouldn't waste an option. But, what I don't understand is that Steven Jackson was on the Major League roster for a while, not appearing in a single game, and then was sent back to triple A. Doesn't that mean we've used his option for this year? Because if we have, he's the smarter call-up. The only reason I can see us bringing up Claggett rather than Jackson is because Claggett's 2.71 GO/AO is much more promising than Jackson's 0.71 GO/AO. With our little homer haven in the Bronx it would make sense that Joe G. would be worried about bringing up a fly ball pitcher. Overall, I think Claggett's stay will be short lived unless he really impresses, and we may see Casey Fossum in the near future.

It's a little crazy to see how our list of players on the DL is growing...A-Rod, Wang, Nady, Bruney, Ransom, Marte...To lose our 1st string third baseman, our 2nd string third baseman, our number 3 starter, our opening day right fielder, our most reliable reliever and our most established reliever this early in the season is frustrating, and frankly a little frightening. It says loads about our depth that we still have a 13-11 record. Being able to call in Nick Swisher, Phil Hughes, and Mark Melancon is definitely a good situation to be in. And Ramiro Pena, Angel Berroa, and Anthony Claggett aren't the worst options either. And now that we have Swisher nursing that bruised elbow, we have a guy in right with a .321/.397/.536 line, who has smashed 4 homers and knocked in 10 runs so far this year. Yes, no other than the Melky Way, the Melkman, the one and only MELKY CABRERA. Okay, sorry...it's just...Melky's the man. Anyways, our depth is crazy good and when we get A-Rod back, watch out.

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