Tonight's Game

Carsten Charles Sabathia will try to find his first home win in pinstripes tonight.

The lineup:

SS The Captain
LF Johnny "Hotter than Hansel" Damon (Zoolander reference. Get with it.)
1B Mark "I'm pretty good at hitting homeruns" Teixeira
3B Alex "Off a night of partying with Kate Hudson" Rodriguez
DH Godzilla
RF Nick "SuperSwish" Swisher (He's not in a slump, he's just not hitting).
2B Robby Cano...Dontcha Know
CF Melky "Tienes Leche?" Cabrera
C Francisco "The Venezuelan-Italian Suprise" Cervelli.

We'll be facing Baltimore righty Brad Bergesen. He's terrible, and we all know the Yanks always have trouble against young terrible pitchers, but let's hope they play like true Yankees today.

Brian Bruney should be activated before the game tonight. Everyone wants to see Jose Veras sent down, but since he's out of options we're more likely to see Tomko or Edwar go. I still say we send all three of 'em down and Albaladejo, then bring up Robertson, Melancon, and Kroenke.

Steven Jackson was claimed off waivers by Pittsburgh. We got him in the second Randy Johnson deal (when we got rid of the Big Unit). He was a good youn pitcher, and it's sad to see him go. Especially because he'd be a lot better in the 'pen than Veras, Edwar, Tomko, and Albaladejo. There's also a not in that article on the Eric Hacker- Romulo Sanchez trade. Chad Jennings writes a little bit about his first impressions of Sanchez, and notes that Wang has cleaned out his locker in Scranton.

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