Jon Heyman's take on Cliff Lee, Bonds, Clemens, and Twitter.
Tom Verducci on Adam Jones, Defense, and Veterans.
Jeff Pearlman writes a letter to Roger Clemens. Rocket's made mistakes, but I'll always be a fan.
Tim Marchman discusses Stephen Strasburg as an injury risk. He also mentions trading draft picks, and how it is currently illegal.
Tim Kurkjian on how we are in a golden age of third basemen.
Darryl Strawberry chatted with ESPN.com readers.
Patrick Hruby...is Jose Canseco the "Guardian of the truth?"
Jayson Stark questions some DL moves (like Dontrelle, Chien-Ming, and Oliver Perez).
Karl Ravech says Joe Girardi, Jerry Manuel, Eric Wedge, and Bud Black all could see the end of their current managing jobs soon. Girardi...that's a discussion for another post.
Ken Rosenthal says the Rangers may not collapse.
Sean McAdam discusses the Jays' success and whether or not they can sustain it.

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