Talk about a crazy inning....

For those of you not watching the game,

The 6th just started with a Jeter walk. And we're tied 1-1. Joba's thrown 73 pitches through 5, striking out 5, allowing 2 walks, 3 hits, and a run. But, I want to take a look at the bottom of the 5th quickly.

Joba walks Ryan Garko. Then Jamey Carroll singles to left. So runners on 1st and second with Kelly Shoppach at the plate. Joba deals and Shoppach pops it up to the third base side of the mound. Joba dives, I mean like a web gem dive, like an outfielder would do. And he makes the catch. He stands up and throws a bullet to second before Garko can tag up. Double play. It was epic. Youtube, watch it on Web Gems tonight, you won't believe it. Then Jamey Carroll tries to steal second to get someone back in scoring position...silly Jamey Carroll. Jorge throws a bullet to the Captain to tag out Carroll and get out of the inning. The Yankee defense is just phenomenal.

Anyways...back to real time. After Jeter's walk, Swisher walks. The Mark Teixeira walks. Now to the plate, the designated hitter, number 13 Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez. Back with more...

Update: A-Rod called out on strikes. Both strike 1 and 3 were balls in my opinion, but what can you do...Jorge hits one about 2 feet and would've been a DP but Jeter slid into home to stop Shoppach from thinking about throwing. Then Cano swings at the first pitch and hits a fly to left that DeRosa gets to easily. We had the bases loaded, no outs, A-Rod, Jorge, and Robby up against Greg Aquino and we don't get out of it with a run....despicable.

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