Never Fear, Joba's Here!

So we just got swept in Fenway, the last game of the series we could have and should have won. It was a tough series, we've dropped eight straight to Boston this year. We're two back in the division, but we're a game up on Toronto and four up on Tampa Bay. And I mean...we have the best team in baseball. Yeah, I said it. I know, bold. But really we do. We just have a couple of players underachieving like Melky, Robby, Wang, Hughsie, and Burnett to name a few. We have two players on the roster that are completely and utterly useless(Angel Berroa and Jose Veras). And our pitching coach, Dave Eiland, has some serious work ahead of him. If the rotation and the 'pen don't improve Eiland and bullpen coach Mike Harkey might be out of their jobs. Cash likes stats guys, and it might be smart for him to go out and find himself two new ones to coach his bullpen. That's something he should seriously discuss with Joe Girardi.

But good news! Tomorrow, our Lord the Savior Joba Chamberlain, the Big JC, Ja-BAM, The Jobster, The Jobanator, el hijo del gran padre en el cielo will take the mound for the Yanks matching up against the Mets and Livan Hernandez. He can bring us the win, the big dubya! This little losing streak rests on Joba's shoulders. Back in our city, he needs to show that we're still the Yanks and that we can still win.

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